Game FAQ's 

Q: Is it possible on some quests to go above the required amount?
A: Yes -- in fact, I, personally, encourage it. In many situations, if you go over the required amount, you'll do several things. First, your EXP points will really start to rack up from the # of kills you've made to get to 10/5 or whatever. Secondly, when you go back to turn in a quest and you  show a 10/5 completion, you'll get higher EXP as a reward for the quest as well, making it easier to level up. I've literally seen my % jump nearly 15% (3,000EXP) as a result of a single quest.

Q: Are there benefits to being in a party?
A: Yes. Not only does it enable you to take on creatures that would normally slaughter you individually, but you can get kills faster, and as a result, you level faster. In one night, for me, I scored nearly 20,000EXP points by joining a Party exploring Argilla Ruins.
Q: The colors that are above the monster's head where their name is written -- do they have any significance?
A: Yes. The following is a list of colors and generally what they mean:

White (no exp), Light Blue, Blue, Green (even level), Yellow (slightly above you), Orange, Purple, Red, Grey.

This list provides a better explanation, and comes directly from the shaiya website:

Monster ID System

When deciding what monster to hunt, you can tell how much of a challenge they’ll be by clicking on them once to target them. The name of the monster will appear in one of the following colors, depending upon how difficult they are:

White - 6 or more levels below you, no experience value
Light Blue - 4 or 5 levels below you, extremely low XP value
Blue - 2 or 3 levels below you, low XP value
Green - your level plus or minus one, decent XP value
Yellow - 2 or 3 levels above you, good XP value
Orange - 4 or 5 levels above you, great XP value but a tough fight
Red - 6 or 7 levels above you, great XP value but be prepared to die
Pink - 8 or 9 levels above you, phenomenal XP if you can bring it down
Grey - 10 or more levels above you, run away screaming (no XP value)

As you can see, the colors of those names are based on a progression from easiest to beat to impossible to beat when compared to your current level.

Q: What are the points for?
A: First, you need real money to get them. Also, you can sometimes find campaigns where you can gain free points for doing things to help shaiya. You've gotta look and see what's available. You can use the points to buy various items that will help your character in game. The money goes to suport the functionality and continued improvement of Shaiya. More information can be found on the Aeria Games website, specifically the following URL's:

Q: What are the differences between the levels of play?
A: Easy -- Made for novices to MMORPG, also for those who don't play these games a whole lot. Leveling is capped at level 30, and special skills are not available.

Normal - The next step up. Slightly larger EXP point gaps between levels, making it harder to level up. Leveling is capped at level 50, at which point you unlock the ability to create a Hard mode character. Special skills are also available.

Hard - Same as Normal, but more EXP required to level up. Additional skills are also available, and leveling is capped at level 60.  Getting level 60 also unlocks Ultimate mode. Many players won't go past this, due to what is called Perma Death in Ultimate Mode that you need real $ to avoid. Many gamers will avoid that.

Ultimate -- Same as normal/Hard, and more EXP required to level up. Additional skills are also available, and as mentioned before, there is a possibility for Perma Death of your character unless resurrected. There is an item available for purchase that will prevent this.

Q: What does each stat category do for my character?
A: To give you an idea:

STR - Increases overall physical attack power
REC- Increases HP, physical attack defense.
INT - Increases Magic Attack Power
WIS - Increases Magic Defense and MP
DEX - Increases SP
LUC - Increases odds of getting critical hits, attack evasion rate increases.

Q: What are the builds for my character?
A: It depends on what class your character is.

Oracle -- [INT/WIS] INT increases the magic attack power, and WIS increases your overall Mana Points (MP).

Pagan -- [INT/WIS] See above.

Hunter -- [DEX/STR] DEX increases overall Stamina Points (SP), and STR increases overall physical attack power.

Assassin -- [DEX/STR]  DEX increases overall Stamina Points (SP), and  STR increases overall physicall attack power. Also helpful to occasionally increase LUC on this as well, because it increases critical damage and evasion rate.

Warrior -- [STR/DEX] STR increases overall physical attack power, DEX increases overall Stamina points and increases accuracy. What I've seen some people do is 3 str 1 rec 1 luc, then 3 str 1 rec  1 dex, then 3 str 2 rec on consecutive levels. However, I discourage this because you miss more with just 1 dex per level. Recommend 2 STR 3 DEX per level, due to the fact that Warriors automatically get +1 STR per level.

Guardian -- [REC/STR] REC increases overall Hit Points (HP) and STR increases overall physical attack power.

NOTE: These are just what I believe to be true. Will update as I get more concrete builds.

Q: Do we have mob maps available for the different maps?
A: Yes, and no. EVerything we currently have can be found on our UoF maps page (see link at bottom of this page), It is also worthy to note here that I am still looking for quality UoF maps. If you have some or know where I can get them, please feel free to e-mail me the link. Until then, I will post more as I find more. To be perfectly honest, there is more information available about Alliance of Light (bastards) than there is Union of Fury, but I will continue looking and post what I do find.

Q: Do we have quest lists for the different maps?
A: Right now, no. But I am going to be putting some together, as well as continuing my search for quest lists to post on here. Again, if you have access to one that I have yet to find, please, e-mail it to me. Until then, check back. As more information becomes available, I will pass it on to the guild.

Q: I have a bunch of stuff I can't use, and I need more gold than I can get from selling the stuff to merchants. Can I sell stuff to other characters?
A: Yes. There are a couple of ways to do so, actually. For now, you can advertise your merchandise on our forums in the Want To Sell section (see links at bottom of page). A former guild member had set up a shop in town, and as soon as I can find that guild member, I will ask him how to do that, and post that here on the FAQ's.

Q: Which character is best for me?
A: In all honesty, only you can decide that. It really just depends on what role you want to play in the game. To give you an idea, here is a brief description of the roles each class plays:

Oracles are generally healers. They lag behind the party, monitoring health of party members and sending healing spells when appropriate. They also have the ability to resurrect fallen comrades. And while they do have attack spells as well, their main function is more of a field medic who carries a weapon for self-defense rather than a soldier who carries a weapon solely to kill the enemy. There is a good guide for healer's (wrriten for Priests, not oracles, but still good for healing) that I've linked to at the bottom of the page.

Pagans are what you look for if you are interested in being a magic attacker, but don't like the idea of healing. They develop magic attacks, and use them in battle. They generally lag behind a little bit as well, letting the physical attackers take the lead but giving them support with their spells.

Guardians -- Many times referred to as "tanks." They generally lead the group, pulling enemies and doing the most damage. They have high HP and physical attack power, so they can dish it out and take it with the best of them.

Warriors -- generally are a second line of defense. They help support the function of the guardian by helping dish out damage to mobs of players or monsters, and drawing enemies away from the Guardian when their HP does get low.

Hunters and Assassins -- generally for reconnaissance and "hit-and-run" assaults. Their high agility, speed and damage rates make them perfect to conduct missions requiring tact and finesse, rather than the brute force of Guardians and Warriors.

Q: What tips and tricks do you have for PvP combat?
A: We actually have a whole page devoted to PvP combat, which you can find in the links at the bottom of this page.